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At Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture, we believe in enriching India through younger generations who are dedicated and understand the cultural importance of Agriculture.

Agriculture will remain for many years a major contributor to the economies of most developing countries. The agricultural sector in developing countries is undergoing rapid changes as a consequences of both technological progress and economic forces, which call for an increased market forces, competitiveness and higher productivity. To be able to remain competitive and for continuous growth, the need for quality human resource is a must.

Reappearance Examination – June 2016- Final Theory Examination Schedule

Reappearance Final Theory Examinations for 2007  B.Sc (Agri) Students

Diploma in Agri & Diploma in Horti Reappearance Examination – June 2016 Final Theory Examination Schedule

UG Education - Reappearance Examinations, May 2016 - Registration Announcement