Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is application of engineering techniques in agriculture to find out the solution of the problems in the field of agriculture for increasing agricultural productivity, increasing the standard of living of the farmers in reducing the drudgery involved in farm operations.

Ernest Byrd

Agricultural Engineering is the area of engineering concerned with the design, construction and improvement of farming equipment and machinery. The students will gain knowledge and skills on learning to operate tractor with mounted implements and power tiller, primary and secondary implements, design equipment and machinery used for field preparation, seeding, spraying, harvesting, and transporting agricultural products, measurement of land, surveying and leveling, the location and planning of farm structures, farm drainage, soil management and erosion control, water supply and irrigation, rural electrification through renewable energy and the processing of farm products.

Year Semester Course No Course Title
II III FMP 211 Farm Power and Machinery (1+1)
II IV SWE 211 Fundamentals of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (2+1)
II IV ERG 211 Renewable Energy (1+0)
III IV FPE 301 Post-Harvest and Food Engineering (1+1)

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