Department of Crop Improvement

The department of crop improvement encompasses the units like Plant Breeding & Genetics, Seed Science & Technology and Agricultural Biotechnology & Biochemistry with faculties having expertise in different fields. The laboratories are equipped with all necessary instruments for imparting practical knowledge to the students.

Ernest Byrd


Educating the students on recent trends in crop improvement and giving them hands on training on traditional and modern methods.

Extending the efficient technologies for easy adoption by the farmers through conduct of OFTs / FLDs / CSDs and through other farmers friendly approaches.

Plant Breeding & Genetics

Plant Breeding is the art and science of changing the traits of plants to produce desired genotypes. Plant Genetics deals with hereditary transmission and variation of inherited characteristics in plants.

The following courses are offered

  • Introduction to Agricultural Botany
  • Principles of Genetics and Cytogenetics
  • Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding
  • Experiential learning
  • Breeding Field and Horticultural crops
  • Breeding of Field crops - I
  • Breeding of Field crops - II

Seed Science & Technology

The Seed Science & Technology includes the studies on seed physiology, biology and pathology that may relate to seed germination, development, maturation, quality, dormancy and deterioration.

The following courses are offered

  • Principles and Practices of Seed Production
  • Seed Production Technology in Field crops
  • Seed Quality Regulation and Storage
  • Commercial Hybrid Seed Production
  • Experiential learning

Agricultural Biotechnology & Biochemistry

Agricultural Biotechnology deals with the introduction of desirable traits into plants through innovative approaches viz., Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering. Plant Biochemistry deals with metabolism of primary and secondary metabolites, understanding biochemical process involved in plant growth and regulation.

The following courses are offered

  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry
  • Principles Plant Biotechnology
  • Applied Plant Biotechnology
  • Commercial Hybrid Seed Production
  • Experiential learning

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