Department of Entomology is involved in Fundamentals, Economic Entomology and Crop Protection technology courses to BSc (Ag) students to gain practical farm work experience for understanding the problems of crop protection. Units of Sericulture, Commercial Bee keeping are also maintaining in this department. The department at present offers six courses with a credit load at 17 credits for BSc (Ag.) and two courses with a 6 credit for Diploma (Ag.) students.

Ernest Byrd

Insect Collection

VIA insect collection serves as a small repository of insect biodiversity which contributes to understanding of Entomology. Insect collection dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of resources in systematic Entomology useful to the Under Graduate students.

The area of Project work Research the Students have been guided:

  • - Integrated Pest management
  • - Microbial control of insect pests
  • - Mass culturing and Biocontrol of insect pests
  • - Storage pest management
  • - Taxonomic Identification
  • - Sericulture
  • - Apiculture

Department of Pathology

Pathology department is offering undergraduate and diploma courses for the students of Agriculture about plant diseases of various crops, their symptom and integrated plant diseases management aspects. At present the department is offering six courses for BSc Agriculture and two courses for Diploma in Agriculture with 24 credits along with Experiential learning programme specializing in Mushroom cultivation and Bioinaculants production, in which students learn about spawn production, mushroom production, Trichoderm and Pseudomonas production and marketing. Training programmes regarding diagnosis of plant disease and mushroom production have been conducted for the farmers at field level

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