Department of Crop Protection carries out teaching on pests and disease management of field & horticultural crops, storage pest, nematode management, bee keeping, sericulture and mushroom production technologies.


Disciplines :

  • Agricultural Entomology
  • Nematology
  • Plant Pathologyy

Instructional Units :

  • Sick Plot Unit - Pests & Disease

Production Units :

  • Mushroom Production Unit
  • Apiary Unit
  • Sericulture Production Unit
  • Bio Control agents Production Unit

Hands on Training :

  • Rearing the crop pests and mass culturing of predators, parasitoids and its releasing methods.
  • Practicing plant protection components like light traps, yellow sticky trap, sex pheromone trap and aggregation trap in fields.
  • Plant diseases, diagnosis based on characteristic symptoms and isolation of microorganism.
  • Extracting nematodes through specific techniques such as Cobb’s decanting method and centrifugal floatation method.

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