This department encompasses the units like Pomology, Olericulture, Floriculture, Spices and Plantation Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops, Food Science and Nutrition

The word horticulture was first conceived by Peter Laurenberg. Horticulture crops are defined as the intensively cultivated plants directly used by man for food, for medicinal purposes and for aesthetic purposes. Horticultural produces are rich source of vitamins, minerals and alkaloids and have high water content and are highly perishable in nature. Cultural operations like propagation, training, pruning, harvesting, processing etc are skill oriented and specific to horticultural crops. Presently, the horticulture sector contributes around 31 % of the GDP and 38% of the total exports of agricultural commodities around 14 % of area. India is the 2nd largest producer in the world. The importance of horticulture can be substantiated by its benefits like high export value, high per unit area yield, high returns per unit area, provision of raw materials for industries, more employment generation, production of more food energy per unit area, better use of undulating and waste lands and stabilization of women’s empowerment by providing employment opportunities.

Ernest Byrd


  •   To prepare students to become outstanding leaders and team players in collaborative and interdisciplinary application of their expertise to address local, regional, national and/or global problems associated with horticulture.
  •   To provide students with a horticultural experiential-based research opportunity designed to translate content provided in course work to reality.
  •   To enhance the visibility and impact of graduate programme in horticultural sciences and provide students with a pathway for manifesting their career objectives.
  •   To organize specialized training programmes and to provide consultancy to farmers in the field of horticulture

Courses offered

B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture
  •   HOR 111 Fundamentals of Horticulture (1 + 1)
  •   HOR 211 Production Technology of Fruits and Plantation Crops (2 + 1)
  •   HOR 311 Production Technology of Vegetables and Spice Crops (2 + 1)
  •   HOR 411 Production Technology of Flowers, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (2 + 1)
  •   EXP 301 Experiential Learning I (0 + 3)
    • Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetables Crops
    • Commercial Nursery Technology of Horticultural Crops
    • Commercial Landscape Gardening
  •   EXP 401 Experiential Learning II (0 + 3)
    • Commercial Nursery Technology of Horticultural Crops
    • Gardening and Landscape
    • Protected Cultivation of Vegetable Crops
  •   APW 401 Project Work (0 + 2)
Diploma in Agriculture
  •   HOR A11 Propagation Methods in Horticultural Crops (0 + 1)
  •   HOR A12 Vegetable and Fruit Culture (2 + 1)
  •   HOR 311 Production Technology of Vegetables and Spice Crops (2 + 1)
  •   CAG A21 Commercial Agriculture I (0 + 2)
    • Nursery Technology
    • Commercial Floriculture and Ornamental Gardening
  •   HOR A21 Spices, Plantation, Medicinal Plants and Floriculture (1 + 2)

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