Social Science

The department of Social Science was established in Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture Manakkadavu village in 2008. The main aim of department is to produce multi trained agricultural graduates towards attaining the mission of developing attitude, knowledge and skill based agricultural professionals capable of undertaking rural development and poverty alleviation with quality.

Ernest Byrd

About the department

The head of the department is considered as an umbrella for various branches of studies and encompasses the units like Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural and Rural Management, Agricultural Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Languages, Humanities and Physical Education.

  •   Enriching knowledge and skills among UG and Diploma students
  •   To coordinate various extension activities with other departments of different faculties for enabling extension function of the college to achieve targeted goals
  •   To act as bridge between farmers and expertise of institution for the benefit of farmers well being

Areas of specialization in different units

Agricultural Economics

Under Graduate courses offered by the unit of Agricultural Economics strive to convey how economists reason, how they analyze economic models and compare model implications to observations.

Principles of economics applied to farm business, Economics of farm management, Agricultural marketing, Price analysis, Agricultural finance, banking and Crop insurance are the major components of UG courses

Agricultural and Rural management

This unit emphasizes the scope for students to meet the growing demand for professionals to effectively manage agribusinesses, with special reference to potential areas such as supply chains, consultancy, banking and insurance, marketing, retailing, commodity markets, market research, etc.

Agricultural Extension

This unit is mainly encouraging professionalism in extension service among the students through studying various dimensions of agricultural extension system, Extension methodologies to effectively transfer of Agricultural Technologies. Also, enrich the students to understand the farmers’ perspective and rural eco system by accommodating them in village for six months.

Agricultural Statistics and Mathematics

This unit helps the students to equip themselves to apply for various jobs in Banking, IT, Quality control etc. Furthermore, this unit will convey to the students about data collection, analyzing data and interpreting information which can be used as tools in their career.

Computer Science

The unit has separate computer laboratory with 42 systems which plays a vital role by promoting fundamentals and applied aspects of information technology.

The Language

The language laboratory is well- equipped with 46 computers with “Clarity English” software which aid in the development of LSRW skills in English. This helps to train the students who appear for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and other competitive examinations.

Humanities and physical education

The VIA library spreads in an area of more than 4500 sq. feet with more than 7000 numbers of specialized books, journals and other resources ranging from printed books, e-books and back volumes. The library also subscribes to national and international journals in print and e-media.

NSS unit of VIA, student volunteers are being engaged in various social and welfare activities in all the villages of Pollachi Block. Also, Ten days NSS camp has been organized by the institution for every year to nurturing the service mind in the UG students.

"This institute believes in enabling farming communities to bring about significant changes in their lives by themselves."