VIA Campus Store

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu.
Ernest Byrd

The institution inaugurated “VIA Campus Store” in its campus in December 2019 as alaunch pad for a multitude of products from its Food Science & Value Addition Unit,cold pressed oils from ABIC, fresh products from its farm and FPCs and a space for itsentrepreneur alumni to showcase their products. The store underlines the theme of raisingawareness about good wholesome food, management ethics and teamwork. It ignitesinterest in entrepreneurship and creates a benchmark for its products and helps to promoteFPC and alumni products. The store acts as a hub primarily for the Agripreneurship Clubbesides facilitating other clubs and Experiential Learningstudents in their activities.

VIA believes that food is a fundamental right and quality food is essential to have a healthysociety. Its aim is to provide premium quality food at affordable rates. Cookies, cakes,jams, squashes, pickles, health mix powder and cold pressed cooking oils are produced inthe campus. Fresh seasonal vegetables and greens, coconuts, tender coconuts, lemon andrice are procured from the institute’s farm and Experiential Learning products are placedfor sales in the store. Food Science & Value Addition Unit is constantly motivating their technical staff andstudents to test new recipes and launch new products based on consumer need and demand.

VIA aims to encourage students to explore product testing, market survey, financialplanning, production, branding, product pricing and positioning, marketing and sales oftheir products.

"This institute believes in enabling farming communities to bring about significant changes in their lives by themselves."